I am a designer particularly interested in collaborative and open-design processes and co-founder of Precious Plastic Vienna, an open-source plastic recycling initiative and FANTOPLAST Circular Design, a company focused on the production of high-end panels made from 100% regionally sourced recycled plastic waste. ︎︎︎ CV

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The Black Hole Said:
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The Blackhole Said
A speculative service between galaxies

↑ Screenshot from the project’s landing page (offline by now)

Part of Fictional Journal's Issue 1

The Black Hole Said is a speculative service between galaxies. Inside a Black Hole you time travel, you will change your past, present and future situation, it will transform you and your reality. On the other side of the Black Hole you will live in a total fear-free environment.

↓ Illustraded process

The session starts with one central question:
"What would you do if you had no fear?"

How did we meet the Black Hole?
We were traveling among galaxies as we usually do in our daily lives. We have been trained to see the things beyond their pure physical existence. In between the Outer Space we found the Black Hole.

The Black Hole asked us:
"What would you do if you had no fear?"

Let's just put fear in perspective:
Fear is just the other side of one dimension, that carefully hides another one: Desire.

We have nothing but uncertainties. Our everyday life, as we know it, has been build in order to create security – rules that make us feel comfortable, that give us directions and structure. We think that we know what is right or wrong simply because we follow such rules without questioning them. We created and have been used to live in the comfort zone.

But from time to time we feel the tension (fear – desire) that push us to rethink the comfort zone's meaning and function: It's the moment when we would like to try something new, to say something unexpected, to change, to act differently, but than we do not indulge that tension, we keep living in the comfort zone and repeat to follow the same fear-structures of before.

By acknowledging that, we decided to jump together with our fears into the Black Hole, to travel through the event horizon, that translates fear into desire, not without making mistakes. Pushing ourselves to deliberate and overcome our fear allowed us to create and enter a new dimension where we can think and act fear-free.

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↓ Fake business card for presentation of Fictional Journal's Issue 1 during Milano Design Week 2015 at Palazzo Clerici