I am a visual communicator particularly interested in collaborative design processes and the transformative potential of design-led endeavours.

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Precious Plastic Vienna
Nobody is an Island

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Nobody is an Island
Mutant Chairs
7000 Bänke documentation
OMI – Open Material Infrastructure
Questionism – School of Thought
Smell The Kings
Pewter Transmutation
Bolzano Ti Saluta

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Declaration of Human Rights
The Black Hole Said:
Democratic Cocktails &
Liquid Democracy

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Social Design Studio (master program)
National Excitement (data-visualisation)
Shared Walks (card set)
COOP. Sophia (visual identity)

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Democratic Cocktails & Liquid Democracy
– concept and implementation of a participatory bar

Invitation text:
“The beauty of democracy is that decisions are taken as a group for the group. The beauty to our bar is that we decide together, from a delicious array of ingredients, what we pour into our glasses. Join the table, join the discussion: taste is a question of majority.”

Developed for the street festival Oskar Nimmt Platz in 2018