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Raphael Volkmer
– Design Generalist

I am a design generalist and visual communicator particularly interested in design processes and the transformative power of design-led undertakings.

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↓ Projects

7000 Bänke
Questionism – School of Thought
OMI – Open Material Infrastructure
Smell The Kings
Pewter Transmutation
Bolzano Ti Saluta

↓ Interventions

Declaration of Human Rights – From Human to Human
The Black Hole Said:
Democratic Cocktails & Liquid Democracy

↓ Visual communication (selected works)

Social Design Studio Vienna (2017–19)
National Excitement
Shared Walks
Visual identy for Coop. Sophia


Concept for a local, open and collaborative street brand


Developed as Bachelor Thesis in Design and Art at the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, Italy.

Nu_Volante tries to connect local immigrated street vendors to local (eco–social) manufacturer and designer to create small, simple and beautiful products and sell them exclusively in the local streets to local citizen and tourists through a network of street vendors.

The manufacture has a central role within the collaboration:
On the one side they produce a part of the products that get sold by the network of street vendors. On the other site they provide a physical space where designers, street vendors and their own production team can meet to discuss and exchange ideas.

The project's aim is to improve the social and economical situation of the immigrated vendors and give more visibility to small local manufacturer. In addition it has a great cultural value and brings live and value to the local streets.

Project development in collaboration with:
Coop. sociale Samuele, Trento
Coop. sociale AKRAT, Bolzano
Free University of Bolzano
Autonomous Province of South Tyrol

Project supervision:
Prof. Kris Krois, Sebastian Camerer

↓  Brand patch with logo of the streetbrand

↓  Prototypes for alternative mobile vendor displays

↓  Foldable button-closure leather wallets produced  by Cooperative Samuele from Trento

↓  Sport bags produced with recycled fabric by local cooperative AKRAT

↓  Screenprinted board games produced with recycled fabric by local cooperative AKRAT

↓ Local cooperative AKRAT in Bolzano-Bozen, Italy