I am a designer particularly interested in collaborative and open-design processes and co-founder of Precious Plastic Vienna, an open-source plastic recycling initiative and FANTOPLAST Circular Design, a company focused on the production of high-end panels made from 100% regionally sourced recycled plastic waste. ︎︎︎ CV

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↓ Projects
Zur kleine stiege
Nobody is an Island
Mutant Chairs
7000 Bänke documentation
OMI – Open Material Infrastructure
Questionism – School of Thought
Smell The Kings
Pewter Transmutation
Bolzano Ti Saluta

↓ Interventions
Declaration of Human Rights
The Black Hole Said:
Democratic Cocktails &
Liquid Democracy

↓ Visual communication (selected works)
OM YEAH (visual identity, webdesign)
Lenkerbande (logo and branding)
Social Design Studio (master program)
National Excitement (data-visualisation)
Shared Walks (card set)
COOP. Sophia (visual identity)

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Bolzano Ti Saluta

Open call for postcard images
(supporting the project Nu_Volante)


Bolzano Ti Saluta is a side project for the street brand Nu_Volante. It is a submission blog and an open call for local creatives and artists to contribute to the project by submitting postcard images about the local territory (South Tyrol). The images were planned to be printed and sold as souvenirs by collaborating street vendors.

In this way I tried to involve and make collaborate local citizen with local street vendors associated with the street brand Nu_Volante in order to create awareness, trust and commitment to spread the word and create a wider acceptance for the idea of a street brand run by street vendors and locally producing cooperative enterprises.

↓ Postcard backside

↓ Postcard front: submission by Benno Simma

↓ Postcard front: submission by Chloe Kuhlow

↓ Postcard front: submission by Eni Derheni

↓ Postcard front: submission by Erik Ritzl

↓ Postcard front: submission by Helene Kummer

↓ Postcard front: submission by Helene Kummer

↓ Postcard front: submission by Martin Verdross

↓ Postcard front: submission by Nicolo Degiorgis

↓ Postcard front: submission by Sandra Sordini

↓ Postcard front: submission by Sara_Bugoloni

↓ Postcard front: submission by Beatrice Tamagnini

↓ Postcard front: submission by Erik Ritzl