I am a designer particularly interested in collaborative and open-design processes and co-founder of Precious Plastic Vienna, an open-source plastic recycling initiative and FANTOPLAST Circular Design, a company focused on the production of high-end panels made from 100% regionally sourced recycled plastic waste. ︎︎︎ CV

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↓ Projects
Zur kleine stiege
Nobody is an Island
Mutant Chairs
7000 Bänke documentation
OMI – Open Material Infrastructure
Questionism – School of Thought
Smell The Kings
Pewter Transmutation
Bolzano Ti Saluta

↓ Interventions
Declaration of Human Rights
The Black Hole Said:
Democratic Cocktails &
Liquid Democracy

↓ Visual communication (selected works)
OM YEAH (visual identity, webdesign)
Lenkerbande (logo and branding)
Social Design Studio (master program)
National Excitement (data-visualisation)
Shared Walks (card set)
COOP. Sophia (visual identity)

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Questionism: School of Thought

Exploring the potentials of an open, student-run platform for peer-to-peer learning

↑ First gathering in 2018 with students froma various backgrounds and disciplines

Questionism is an initiative that creates space to explore the transformative potential of questions.
        How would a future historian call a 21th-century alliance of young international critical minds that tried to establish a “new” school of thought by giving importance to the process of questioning?
        Questionism proposes to open a transdisciplinary platform (and physical space) to incubate a structure for the sharing of knowledge, peer-to-peer exchange and collaborative doing.
        The Department of Questionism is a proposal to establish an informal department run by students within the formal structure of a university, an alternative space where students empower themselves by teaching, learning and doing. It offers an approach to change hierarchies and structures of decision making in the process of knowledge production and it’s sharing; and promote diversity, transdisciplinarity, exchange and collaboration.

↑ Presentation of Questionism during the street festival Oskar Nimmt Platz in 2018

↑ Interactive analog instalation during street festival Oskar Nimmt Platz

Questionism was initiated in 2018 by Eylem Ertürk, Magdalena Hubauer, Pavel Naydenov, Katharina Spanlang, Gabriela Urrutia-Reyes and Raphael Volkmer within the Master Program Social Design – Arts as Urban Innovation at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.