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Raphael Volkmer
– Design Generalist

I am a design generalist and visual communicator particularly interested in design processes and the transformative power of design-led undertakings.

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↓ Projects

7000 Bänke
Questionism – School of Thought
OMI – Open Material Infrastructure
Smell The Kings
Pewter Transmutation
Bolzano Ti Saluta

↓ Interventions

Declaration of Human Rights – From Human to Human
The Black Hole Said:
Democratic Cocktails & Liquid Democracy

↓ Visual communication (selected works)

Social Design Studio Vienna (2017–19)
National Excitement
Shared Walks
Visual identy for Coop. Sophia


Visual identity and stationary for COOP.SOPHIA

COOP.SOPHIA is a cooperative conducting research for social innovation based in the bilingual town Bolzano-Bozen, South Tyrol, Italy.
The coop. consists of a core group of 5 members that co-involve other researchers, professors and experts for different specific research and consulting projects.

In a participatory and open process we developed a new visual identity including business cards, letter paper, info flyers, a folder for conferences and an one-pager website.

The visual identity takes inspiration from biological cultures seen through the lens of a microscope. Just like biologists or chemists study the transformation of bacteria in a micro way, the members of COOP.SOPHIA study the transformation of society in a macro way by conducting transdisciplinary research to foster and support projects of social innovation for cooperative businesses, institutions and the industry.