I am a visual communicator particularly interested in collaborative design processes and the transformative potential of design-led endeavours.

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Speculative Europe is my contribution to the Future Europe project by Reinhard Schmidt.
The created artifact (an European passport) serves as the starting point for a discussion about a different European narrative towards an geographical expansion (inclusion) and a newly balanced relation between citizens and government(s).

What if we formally would not be considered any longer as subjects belonging to a certain country but rather become Europeans with various origins?
In other words: What if Europeans would be treated formally more equal?

The expression 'Bon voyage' in Europe's different languages tries to illustrate a more personal relation between citizen and decision makers.

In my version, six (white) pillars replace the former three constitutional pillars (Police and Judicial Co-operation in Criminal Matters (PJCC), Common Foreign and Security Policy and European Communities).
The idea of the six pillars is inspired by Nathaniel Branden's 'The six Pillars of Self-esteem' (1994) which in my narrative becomes the new framework for an European Constitution that focuses on the question:
How can we generate the best conditions for emancipated citizens with a high level of self-esteem?

Project description by Reinhard Schmidt:

“Future Europe is a compilation of ideas and perspectives on the future of Europe’s living environments.

In a dynamic understanding of the term “Europe” as an ever-changing idea, lies a chance, a space and a moment for reinterpreting Europe’s future.

The project attempts to enrich the debate about the future of Europe which currently appears to be dominated foremost by economical and strategic issues.
Given the extent of the original idea of a European identity, there is obviously a need to counterbalance these rather limited ways of how to think and imagine Europe.

Creative practice and interventions inherit such a counterbalancing power. The creative disciplines draft, explore, play and prototype. They have not only the potential but probably even the duty to intervene, to communicate aims and provide alternatives and to publicly question the current state.
Starting by questioning the role of oneself.”

Future Europe Exhibition by Reinhard Schmidt
Image courtesy of Reinhard Schmidt